Sean, VP, age 52

A Difference Maker:

I’ve been training under Steve’s guidance for nearly a decade.  He’s simply been one of the most important people in my life over the past ten years.  He was able to bring me from a typical early-forties, out-of-balance,  over-weight man to a place where I am truly fit, diet aware, energy-packed, motivated, confident and arguably in the best shape of my life.  The journey was one that Steve orchestrated with an impressive mix of expertise, accountability, consistency and empathy.  He taught me how to overcome nagging injuries, establish consistent commitment to moving forward in the right direction, at a pace that was geared for my personal aptitude and in balance with life’s overall priorities.  My journey is on-going, and Steve continues to adjust his approach to my needs, goals and capabilities.  His creative approach to training and total focus on my well-being has earned my dedicated trust and respect.  Steve is truly a difference maker.



David, age 18

Coach Steve Rezo, to me, has been a father figure I look up to. He is a man of passion, determination, strength, and hope. I believe that the greatest achievement of a coach is teaching his players to expect more from themselves. And we expected nothing less than excellent. Steve Rezo, I can attest, have definitely not only has taught, but has shown, this to every single student, player, and person he met. He understands the players, understands when they need a bit more motivation or when they need a break. He understands, and pulls out, the hidden hunger to succeed in each one of us. Our team’s motto was “work hard; look cool.” Because of him, I have learned to persevere through anything from fitness to academics, with a smile on my face. I still have these words written on my whiteboard next to my desk, and inside my chest next to my heart.



Greg , age 18

Training on and off the field with  coach Rezo improved my leadership skills and also got me stronger both mentally and physically. He also taught me to watch out for one another because it isn't about you, it's the rest of the team. 




 Steve’s approach to healing injuries with targeted exercises helped me avoid shoulder surgery. He’s the Best!



Tom Kaechele, Northern Valley Regional High School at Old Tappan Athletic Director and Supervisor of Physical Education, Health and Drivers Education

Steve Rezo worked at Old Tappan High School for six years (2008-2013). He was the Boy's Junior Varsity Coach. As a Soccer Coach, Steve was "top-shelf". His knowledge of the game and his experience as a former professional Soccer player in Australia was phenomenal. Steve was not only a Coach, he was a perfect role model. A gentleman on and off the field. He also has an extensive background in Physical Training which benefited our players immensely. I can't say enough about Steve and his work ethic.


Colin, age 14

Coach has helped us not only improve our physical game, but our mental game as well. If we don't stay strong mentally, we won't be able to achieve our goals. He has taught us about being a leader on and off the field. We have also learned that we have to stay strong throughout the hardest competition and never give up until the final whistle blows. 


Conor, age 16

Training with Coach Rezo has tremendously improved my game on and off the field. He shows us how to act like a team by working together without leaving anyone behind. He has also helped us not only improve our physical game, but our mental game as well. I wouldn't be where I am today if I'd never met Coach Rezo.



Steve motivates his trainees with his knowledge of physical training and nutrition. He inspires all who workout with him. I can't recommend him highly enough.



Pat, Executive Recruiting, age 68   

I whole heartedly, without reservations, endorse Steve ----- as a personal trainer. Steve has been excellent in evaluating my abilities and  listening to what my goals are. He is knowledgeable about a wide range of exercise routines as well as nutrition, and has always been willing to adapt his instruction to my individual needs giving me clear direction. I have found him to be dependable and creative in suggesting alternate workout techniques. As a result, my fitness has greatly improved, but more importantly, I notice a change in how I feel about myself.



Peter Curko, MSG Varsity’s 2014 NJ State Coach of the Year, Boys Soccer

Surrounding yourself with the right people should be an organizing principle for those seeking results; as far as personal trainers go, look no further than Steve Rezo.  I have never met someone with such a refined, well-rounded blend of all that it takes to help someone accomplish their goals.  His depth of knowledge of his craft, rapport with players and clients, personability, and his common sense philosophy is what makes him a world-class trainer, and more importantly, a world-class human being.  The 2014 State Sectional Championship won by the Tenafly HS Boys Varsity Soccer team has his imprint all over it.


Niall, age 16

Training with Coach Rezo has changed my life. I originally came to him to get in better shape for soccer. However, it has become a lifestyle. Coach Rezo constantly pushes me to limits that I thought I could never reach.





TD , age 47

I have worked with Steve for 10 years as a professional and client.  When my patients finish rehabilitation I feel very confident sending them to Steve to continue working towards their fitness and health goals.  He is very knowledgeable, creative and a great motivator.  He will know how to get the best out of his clients.  As his client, he worked with me through a major illness, improving my strength to where I was able to complete a challenging adventure event.   



NB , age 20

"Steve was the first coach that I ever had that had a major impact on my life on and off the soccer field. As my strength/fitness trainer, good friend and former soccer coach, Steve is one of the main reasons I’m playing soccer at the collegiate level. He gave me confidence when I didn’t have any and pushed me to levels I never knew I could reach.” 


Noah, age 16

Coach Rezo changed my life during my freshman year of high school. After working out with him and following his guidance, I lost 25 pounds and was in the best shape I had ever been.


Michael , Pharmacist, age 69

I have known Steve for more than 10 years on a professional level and a personal one as well. He has trained me and motivated me every single time we see each other.

Steve is reliable, focused, compassionate and a great listener. He is extremely dependable and a great communicator. He is conservative in his approach and follows a slow and steady road with his training method. He has become a great friend and mentor. One will not find anyone better at what he does than Steve. Trust me on this.


Santi, age 18

Steve Rezo is the man you want if you want to improve your skills in sports and in life. Coach Rezo not only teaches you what you need in order to succeed but also makes sure you get the best of every single work out. He is a brilliant coach,friend and role model. While training with him; I learned that your mind is who's got the power whether you want to really reach your goal or not. Steve Rezo is the guy you want if you really want to start changing your fitness status in sports, along side with everything else in your life. 



Steve Rezo is a competent,  compassionate and 100% capable Personal Trainer.   Steve entered my life in a trainer capacity while I was being treated by my physician for a variety of ailments.  He was able to work with me even when I wasn't feeling my best.  The structure of his work outs are completely structured and monitored.  Steve is encouraging and tough all at the same time. He always makes me feel empowered by the notion that I am going to get better and stronger.  Working out is not always easy....But Steve makes it fun.  Thanks to Steve I now believe that I'll be running a half marathon this Fall.